Arts To Focusing Joy Workshops

Coming alive and bringing yourself to your art is what we want you to get from Arts To Focusing Joy (AFJ). Doing your art you find your way as you go

We offer workshops with and without AFJ practices to support you make your journey

Our workshops are on demand. Check out Upcoming Events for enrollment to current workshops

EARLY BIRD discount 5 Eur / workshop ticket

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Find The Art You Love

Sunday 2 - 5 pm CET, ON DEMAND

Webinar, 4 teaching units, 38.00 EUR

We connect with our heart energy and choose art tools and materials that induce joy from the inside. Making marks of high contrast, we play around with strong differenes to strengthen emotion and joy. We take advice from the body sense (inside-out support) to push our contrasts further. We step into a zone of surprize, amazement, aliveness and becoming. This zone is a little bit scary. We take outside-in support from three basic principles of artmaking (design, value, color) to feel safe enough to make art from most ourselves


You can work abstract or figurative and with all dry and wet materials

Introductory course. No previous knowledge or skills required

Felt Art Journaling: Becoming Bold

Sunday 2 - 5 pm CET, ON DEMAND

Webinar, 4 teaching units, 38.00 EUR

Forward your AFJ experiencing through Felt Art Journaling

Felt Art Journaling is crossing Cosmic Smash Booking®, Messy Art Journaling, Sensual Design and experiential arts. Felt Art Journaling is a safe ground for getting more and more playful with different kinds of techniques, materials, artistic tools and art expression. Experimenting makes your art bold. Once you feel comfortable with bold art, you can transfer your boldness to larger artwork and to life. 


You are working on small format making arts from the body sense

Introductory and advanced

Experiential Draw: Learn From The Bauhaus Founders

Sunday 2 - 5 pm CET ON DEMAND

Webinar 4 teaching units, 38.00 EUR 

Empower yourself artistically by following exercises of the Bauhaus preluminary course (Johannes Itten, Paul Klee)

We are going to follow our rythm of breath and put bilateral marks onto the paper using any kind of drawing tool we feel attracted to for warm-up

We push our marks towards the edge of our artistic comfort zone using techniques of differences of Paul Klee. Intensifying contrasts from body sense, we create exciting abstract and figurative compositions


We take inspiration from the late work of Paul Klee as reference. References are provided

No previor drawing skills required

Experiential Hand Lettering: From Letter Characters To Felt Composition

Sunday 2 - 5 pm CET ON DEMAND

Webinar 4 teaching units, 38.00 EUR 

Empower yourself artistically by exploring the rich variety of letter shapes in slow draw. We internalize letter characters by re-experiencing lettering through Focusing with the Whole Body

Choosing our favourite letters from body sense, we explore letter conversation on the paper and process forward towards letter composition and felt meaning


We use different types of Paul Klee's grid as tool

No previous knowledge or skills required

FOCUSZART The Focusing Studio - Arts To Focusing Joy ©focuszart

Drop a line and tell us what kind of AFJ worshop you like us to offer

We are so excited to see you grow!

FOCUSZART The Focusing Studio - Arts To Focusing Joy ©Sudney Riggs/Unsplash

Shape your artist signature. Trust in intuition


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