FOCUSZART The Focusing Studio - Testimonials 14th International Conference IEATA 2022 ©Freda Blob

Hear From Participants Working with Us

    • I am delighted that I was able to take part in your courses. I really like the way you convey the content to us. Each of us felt comfortable and valued! This was so motivating, stimulating and moving. Everything was in a flow ... really really nice! Thanks again!

      Felt Art Journaling Workshop Series

      Ingrid, sythemic therapist and consultant


      • I feel very relaxed and comfortable now. Much more relaxed than I came. I came here with fear. I didn't know what to expect. It is the first time that I do something with the arts. I don't know how to do anything with the arts. But I thought I'll give it a try. And then everything was so free and easy going. I didn't have to do any of the art exercises. I could do as I wanted. I could play with colors and express myself or sit and watch in silence. That was great. That was so good!

      Virtual Open Studio

      Yvonne, French participant


      • Freda is very professional and compassionate at the same time. She brings to the Focusing world a distinctive way to blend the negative moment with the positive, to project a new synthesis. It could be a Hegelian feature hidden in German culture, but it worked so well in practice, that it has made me enthusiastic about her approach. There is a tenderness implicit in it, that we all should experience

      Creative Compassion Workshop, Community Empowerment Help for Helpers

      Emanuela, philosopher, Focusing trainer, Italy


      • Thank you very much for everything that was possible to grow and bloom during the five days at summer camp. The seminar with you was such an intensive and rich experience ... All of your expertise and sensitive way of experiencing was so present and tangible

      Five-Day Seminar in Presence, Trauma-informed Focusing with the Expressive Arts

      Maja, remedial practitioner, Focusing trainer, Switzerland


      • After the webinar I worked on my picture a few more times ... playing with it, discovering more. Everything I found was so valuable. Thanks again for the afternoon. Keep going with Focusing and the Arts, you are really good in teaching it!

      Online Workshop, Expressive Arts Focusing ExAF

      Gertrud, pediatric therapist, Focusing practitioner


      • This webinar was so valuable for me. Your calmness and sovereignty did me good. Thanks for everything, and the encouragement

      Online Workshop, Focusing

      Susanne, remedial nurse


      • Despite the online distance, and this is quite amazing for me, I felt very comfortable and safe. Your empathic, clear and soothing instructions and exercises have done me a lot of good!

      Online Workshop, Focusing

      Helena, coach


      • So honestly presented - thank you very much for this beneficial strengthening offer

      Online Workshop, Focusing

      Angela, person-centered counselor, Focusing practitioner


      • It is so exciting to see how you are bringing something to life; that you feel exactly what is on at the very moment and thereby accompany me. Thank you so much

      1:1 Online Session, Focusing Oriented Expressive Arts Therapy FOAT®

      Gaby, teacher, Focusing practitioner


      • Your webinar has done me an awful lot of good. I haven't felt as comfortable, free and light-hearted  for ages as I do now after the course. I just wanted to tell you that and thank you very much

      Online Workshop, Introduction to Focusing



      • This webinar was so valuable for me. Your calmness and sovereignty did me good. Thanks for everything, and the encouragement

      Online Workshop, Focusing

       Susanne, remedial nurse


      • The exercises were really good for me. I am now in focus. Thanks. It was so cool

      Online One-Day Training, Focusing

      Andrea, trauma therapist


      • The workshop opened me up. I never had created before. I painted new things and found new possibilities. My stress did go away and the mood improved - thank you!

      Online Workshop, Expressive Arts Focusing ExAF

      Elena, clinical psychologist, Ukraine


      • I was surprised that focusing helped me to focus on my inner sensation, to reveal the discomfort in my body and that the body itself knows and answers my request. And third, I was surprised that the answer was on the surface. It was like I didn't want to notice it and drove it out of my awareness. Now I feel connected. Thank you

      Online Workshop, Expressive Arts Focusing ExAF

      Lisa, psychology student, Ukraine

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